Einstein and Insanity: What will you do different in 2014 to boost your marketing ROI?

In 2013 you used certain marketing approaches to market your products or services to existing and potential customers.  How well has that worked?  What’s your ROI on your marketing dollar? If you don’t know, then you might as well stop reading because if you don’t know your starting point you can’t tell if you’ve improved or not. Continue reading

Are Your Customers Buying What You’re Selling?

Your marketing campaign is geared to sell your company’s products or services   It talks about the features and, if you’re smart, it talks about the benefits you perceive your customers gain from the purchase of your product or service.

But is that what your customers are buying when they come into your store or visit your website? Continue reading

Why use Direct Response Marketing? Because it works. Ogilvy says so.

Jon McCulloch, an English copywriter living in Ireland, is, in his estimation, the highest paid copywriter in Europe. What’s his secret?  Jon believes that all marketing should be Direct Response Marketing.  And that’s how he creates copy for himself and his clients. Now Jon grew up in a time when conventional advertising was starting to lose its effectiveness. So a different approach was needed. Continue reading