Copywrite or Copyright or Copy Right

When people asked me what I do, I used to tell them that I’m a B2B copywriter.

” Oh,” they’d say,”you’re an attorney who copyrights books, music, movies and things to protect the author’s rights. Right?”

“Well, no,” I’d say. And I’d tell them that I write marketing material for businesses.  Things like white papers, direct mail packages and web pages,

“But what about the ‘copy’?” Then I’d have to explain to them that ‘copy’ is another name for text or content – the squiggly black stuff in the newspaper and books and that surrounds the pretty pictures in ads.

Peter Bowerman, author of the “Well-fed Writer” series of books (Copy) coined a phrase that is a good alternative to B2B copywriter – Freelance Commercial Writer (FLCW).

I someties use that but mostly I tell people that I write marketing material for businesses.

That seems to keep them happy.  They understand that and you can see or at least feel that they are thinking that I’ve sold my soul.  Their problem, not mine.

What do you call yourself?

What do you have on your business card?

What does your website call you?


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