What’s in Your B2B Toolkit?

The following materials will give you a head start on creating copy that sells to Engineers, Architects, Programmers and Other Technical People. These materials are not necessarily the best and certainly not the only ones in this copywriting arena but I have found them to be very useful.  Maybe you will too.

The Buyer Sphere Project – How businesses buy from businesses in the digital marketplace,” by Gord Hotchkiss CEO Enquiro

Turns common myths about marketing to engineers on their heads

Influence – Science and Practice,” by Robert B. Cialdini, Pearson Education, Inc.

The Business-to-Business Marketing Handbook,” by Bob Bly, Center for Technical Communication

Marketing With Content – Using Free Information to Sell Business-to-Business Products and Services to Engineers, Programmers and Other Techies,” by Bob Bly, Center for Technical Communication

Content Marketing for Engineers,” by Achinta Mitra, April 23, 2012 Industrial Marketing Today Blog

Why Do Engineers Hate Marketing?” by Aidan Montague, Online Sales Manager Blog

What Engineers Really Want:  Selling and Serving Customers’ engineers is Different from Purchasing.”  Anonymous – No Source

How to Schmooze Propellerheads,” Geoffrey James, Money Watch, May 25, 2007

Engineers Can Make the Best Salespeople,” DFW TechBiz, July 2001

Six Things I Know For Sure About Marketing to Engineers,” by Bob Bly

Smart Marketing for Engineers,” by Rebecca Geter & Wendy Covey trewmarketing.com/smartmarketing/, 2013

10 Essential B2B Copywriting Tips,” by Brad Shorr, Marketing 9/26/2012

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