Are Your Customers Buying What You’re Selling?

Your marketing campaign is geared to sell your company’s products or services   It talks about the features and, if you’re smart, it talks about the benefits you perceive your customers gain from the purchase of your product or service.

But is that what your customers are buying when they come into your store or visit your website?

The classic case is the guy who goes in the hardware store and asks for a quarter inch drill bit.  Does he really want a drill bit?  No, he wants the hole in the wall.

An enterprising clerk might ask him why he needs the drill bit.  The guy might say to drill a hole in my kitchen wall.  Suppose the clerk then asked ,”why do you need a hole in your kitchen wall?” Then the guy might say, “to hang a shelf for my wife.”

Now we’re getting close to the real reason the guy wants a drill bit. His wife wants him to hang a shelf for her.  So he wants to please his wife.  So what he’s buying is a way to please his wife.

In other words he is not buying the product, the drill, or even the product of the product, the hole. He’s buying the product of the product of the product, his wife’s happiness.

Look at all your products and services in this light.  You may discover interesting things and help your customers get what they really want.  When you do that you have made a friend and maybe a lifelong customer because you took the trouble to determine what problem he was really trying to solve.

When you understand what your customer is really trying to buy you may be able to suggest a different solution that is far better.


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