Do they care about what you do or how you do it?

Jon McCulloch, a brilliant English copywriter living in Ireland, made this point far more forcibly than I could. Here’s what Jon said about your customers:

” … there are many, many ways of boring your
audience: frazzling their brains with the
quintessential who-gives-a-shittedness of how long
you’ve been in business; telling them how bloody
“passionate” you are about their “success”, and
how many awards you have; yadda yadda yadda.

Seriously, no one cares. Not a bit.

What they care about is two things:

1. Themselves.

2. Being entertained.”

His point was brought home to me at a recent presentation by a vendor of a domestic water purification system. In stead of launching into the usual PowerPoint show, the presenter used water and chemicals to demonstrate what his system could do for my water. When he finished he answered questions. Nobody asked how large his company was, how many trucks it has, where it is located, how it does what it does, etc. They asked questions about water problems they had, or the cost of the system or how much space it needs. Things that they cared about. Problems they needed solved.

After the presentation I mentioned this to the presenter. He told me with a sheepish grin that the PowerPoint presentation he had planned to use had a couple of slides devoted to this information that no one cared about.

The lesson in all this – solve your customers problems if your want to keep them or get new customers.

Don’t bore them with your company’s history. They really don’t care.

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