Blazing Coffins – Case studies

Mordecai and Rebecca Muerte, or Los Muertes to their friends, run a crematorium, named Blazing Coffins.  They had just installed some new equipment and customer service areas and wanted to advertise how these improvements attracted new customers.

They planned to place an add in a major local magazine describing the features of their crematorium to attract new business.  When a friend of theirs who was a marketing consultant heard about their plan she called.

“No! No!” she’s said,  ‘that’s not what you want to do.   That type of feature article may be fine for Undertakers Weekly but not to attract new business.  What you want to do is put together a case study.”

“Why is that,” they asked. “What is a case study and how will it help us?”

“What did you do when you planned a major purchase like the improvement to your crematorium?” she asked.

“Well me talked to our friends in the business and read the reviews in Consumer’s Report for Undertakers to find the best  features. Then we talked to various vendors armed with what we had learned.”

“That’s it.  You talked to people you trusted to give you the straight scoop” she said. “That’s just what a case study does.  It presents the opinions of your past customers.  Potential new customers are much more likely to believe these third party endorsements  than any ad you may put together.”

“How would that work?” they asked.

“Let me give you an idea of what your case study or happy customer report could say.” she said. “Here are a few outlines of case studies for Blazing Coffins.  Each of these can be expanded into a multi-page case study with a call to action at the end.”

Music to Die By

Blazing Coffins customer Gerry Tot said how much he appreciated the choice of background music. He said the choices ranged from the theme from Blazing Saddles to Apocalypse Now.  His late wife loved music and loved Mel Brooks and Marlon Brando. He would definitely recommend Blazing Coffins to all of his club members.

Dead in a Chevy

Rene D. Cice said that her late husband was a strict environmentalist and chose cremation for that reason.  He was also a fast car enthusiast.  She loved the Urn in the shape of a ’57 Chevy.  She has reserved a spot for herself and selected a Barbie Doll Urn  and Beach Boys music.

Burn Baby, Burn

Norm and Betsy Mourn chose cremation for their daughter who died in a fire caused by matches she was playing with.   She loved fire so much that the Mourns believed that this is what she would have wanted.  They chose a match box Urn and Grateful Dead music.

Last Call

All of the happy customers raved about the full service bar.  Lenny Morose, the barman, could concoct any drink a customer wanted. Some of the favorite are “The worms crawl in – the worms crawl out,” Dust to Dust- Ashes to Ashes,” and “Dead men tell no tales.”

These case studies will attract a steady stream of sad but happy customers to Blazing Coffins for the last hurrah of their loved ones and themselves when their time comes.


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