What if Nobody Reads Your Posts?

You’ve started your blog to vault yourself into the B2B copywriting mainstream and make the 6 figures they (whoever they are) keep telling you (and you believe them) you can make.

You’re excited.  This is going to do it.  The B2B copywriting world will be blown away by your incisive and cogent commentary on the many aspects of B2B copywriting.

You will be overwhelmed by requests from desperate companies to write the copy that will save them and return them to profitability. You will have to develop a system to filter out the companies you don’t want to work with in a way that will endear you to them but get rid of them so that you can concentrate on the “good” clients.

And, of course, you will have to select the appropriate beach front villa from which to write your B2B gems.

A lot of work to be sure, particularly selecting the beach front villa..  But you’ll grin and bear it and carry on because you know the life that awaits you when you go full time, big time.

But then something happens.  Nobody is reading your stuff.  You got only one comment on you blog and you’re not sure if that was a comment or a sales pitch.

What went wrong?

You have the web site with the samples, testimonials and all the other stuff that they tell you should be there including the head and shoulders photo.  It’s written for the most part in the second person singular.  It’s got the call to action in a number of places.

And the blog that is part of the web site is not doing a thing.  No post comments except as noted.

Maybe you’re just a rotten copywriter.  Well, no, it’s not that either.  You have the testimonials – plucked from e-mails and not beaten out of your clients.  So you’re a fairly decent copywriter – maybe not world class but good enough.

You believed that if you built it(your blog and your website) they would come.  Well they didn’t.  So what now?

Forget it all and sell real estate or insurance or become a greeter at one of the big box stores?

Or try something new like marketing?

Oh, you did try marketing – cold calling and got a few clients?  And then you slacked off and so did your client list.

You sent out postcards every quarter for a while.  Nothing.

You post to your blog about once a week. Is that enough?

Could that be it?  Your marketing is not effective and ongoing?

Well, maybe instead of scouring International Living for suitable beach front villas you should devote that time to marketing.  And not just marketing to anyone but to clients that meet criteria you establish for your niche(s).

Don’t forget what business you’re in – marketing your copywriting services.  That’s right – marketing.

So start marketing seriously – add web content, post to your blog regularly, cold call, send direct response letters and post cards to prospective clients and e-mail them

Then come back and we’ll talk some more.


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