How Many Copywriters Does it Take to Sell a Car?

You’re probably thinking, “What on earth is he talking about?”

Copywriters don’t sell cars. Car sales men sell cars.

Yes, car sales men ultimately sell the car to the customer. But how does the car go from being a chunk of iron ore, yards of fabric, gallons of paint, piles of electronic components, rubber tires, etc. to being a car?

Take a look at this diagram:Microsoft Word - Indutrial Sequence.docx

This is just one of the industrial company streams that combined lead to a car that a consumer can buy.

At each transition from one type of company to another, e.g. mining companies to steel mills, there is the need for B2B copywriters to market the ore to the mills. So, let’s say for the sake of our analysis that there are three industrial companies involved in each transition. So, for this stream, since there are three transitions, at least 9 B2B copywriters would be needed. Multiply this by the total number of streams and the number quickly becomes very large.

Keep in mind this is only for the industrial company streams required to produce a car. When you consider all of the streams needed to produce all of the products and services wanted by the US consumer the number becomes extremely large.

So how many B2B copywriters does it take to sell a car? I have no idea but I know it takes a lot.

What this exercise shows is that there is a huge demand for B2B copywriters of all kinds in all types of industries. Industrial companies complain that there are not enough B2B copywriter to support their marketing efforts.

Now this should be good news for all you B2B copywriters out there that feel there are no clients that need you.   There are lots but they can’t find you.  You need to use your copywriter skills to market yourself so that they will know that you are there and can help them.

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