When is Viral Bad?

We all want our posts to go viral.  That’s the holy grail. To get your stuff to all corners of the webosphere. But are there things that you don’t want to go viral?  Yes.

Ebola is one.  It is attempting to go viral and the health authorities around the world are extremely worried that it will succeed. Then going viral is bad, very bad. It is not airborne so it can’t go viral unless people who do not have Ebola contact physically people who do have it and so on.  This contact may be unintentional or for medical personnel necessary.  So the only way to slow down Ebola is to minimiize the number of people that can contact those who have it.  A tricky issue since many who have contacted Ebola victims are scared to admit.

Computer viruses are very similar.  But in this case the virus is intentionally introduced into the webosphere. When people open attachments to e-mails that have been infected it allows the virus to spread and it can do so very quickly.

You can help contain webosphere viruses by not opening e-mail attachments from people you do not know.  Safe sex all over again.

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