Give and You Will Receive

Happy Holidays!

All year you’ve probably been bombarding your clients and potential clients with e-mails telling them how your particular expertise will earn them a lot of cash and make their life easier.  While this may be true, your clients need a break. They’d like to get something.

Makes sense, since this is the season of gift giving.  You must have something you can give a client free that would help them.  You can send them a non-selling e-mail with something interesting about the holidays –  a little bit of trivia such as “did you know that in some European countries gift are exchanged on Christmas Eve not Christmas Day”-  and one of these:

    • a little card with 7 proven steps to better marketing,
    • the benefits of raising their prices versus discounting
    • an e-book on your expertise
    • a list of books that they might find useful in their business
    • an offer to review three things that they feel would help them grow their business
    • a link to a video on doing their own copywriting

Imagine how your e-mail recipients will feel when they get a gift from you and not a sales pitch.  They will remember that next time you pitch them and the law of reciprocity may kick in and they may buy something from you.

Go ahead.  Give it a try.  You’ve very little to lose and a lot to gain.

You may have heard the BNI saying, “Givers Gain.”  See if it’s true.

Happy Holidays

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