Circuit Training for Your Marketing to Keep Your Business In Shape

You go to the gym to get and keep your body in shape because you know it’s good for your health and life expectancy.

You don’t simply use one machine every time you go.  That would only tone one part of your body and do nothing fro the rest of your body.  So, you might have great biceps but very weak legs and poor balance. No, you do circuit training or a variation of it.

So, why would you only use one or two marketing methods to keep your business healthy and help it grow? What methods can you use?

Well, here are brief description of a number of marketing methods you can use. The methods covered are not the only methods available to you and may not be the most effective for you business. But they will get you thinking about what methods you can use.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing has become very popular and for many businesses it is their main marketing method. It’s key attraction is that it’s very inexpensive – the only cost being your time to write the marketing content in the e-mail – and flexible.

You can send your e-mails as often as you like and you can easily measure the effectiveness of your e-mails and calculate the ROII for this method.

You do, of course, need the e-mail addresses of the members of you target audience. There are a number roof ways of getting these.

You can buy a list for your target group that includes the e-mail addresses. This method is frowned on by the providers of e-mail services because it can lead to spamming accusations and result in the shut down of your site and possible of your ISP’s site,

The approved method is to drive people to your website and offer them something in exchange for their name and e-mail address and use a double optin process to capture their information.  This leads to the least risk of spam accusations. You must also provide a method by which your e-mail recipients can opt out of you’re-mailing system.

A downside of e-mail marketing is e-mail overload.  People tend to scan their e-mails and if they are not from people or companies they know they delete them without even reading them.

Direct Mail Marketing

Dan Kennedy said that if he had a gun to his head to pick one marketing method he would pick direct mail. Direct mail can take a number of forms – letters, postcards, packages, self-mailers, etc.

So few people receive letters anymore that when they do, they frequently open the letter and read it. So the novelty of a hard copy letter increases its value as a marketing tool. E-mailing a large number of letters on a frequent basis can get expensive.

For direct mail you can buy lists of your target group and use them without any of the same concerns that accompany using e-mail addresses from lists.

Direct mail letter responses are trackable just like e-mail response so you can determine the ROI of a direct-mail campaign.

As with e-mail you still have to get it opened before it does any good. The envelope design and formatting are key to getting you mail opened.  Some businesses use what’s called lumpy mail – a letter with something bulky like a pen or keyring in it to increase the chances of it being opened.You may have to test different envelope designs.formats to determine which is the most effective.

Postcards are another form of direct mail.  They have one advantage over letters – they don’t have to be opened. If the design is catchy and headline, the recipient will look at it and may read it.  Postcards are less expensive to send than letters and they can be tracked to get the ROI.

Magazine Ads

Magazine and newspaper ads may be quite effective but unless they are coded and the business asks every customer for the ode it is difficult to track and determine their effectiveness. Also if the ads are placed in general circulation magazines they may be good for image building but not for sales or leads.

If the ads are placed in trade magazines read by the targeted audience, they can be quite effective if response is required by a specific phone number or e-mail address.

TV Ads

Direct marketing TV ads can be very effective and trackable because the sale is directly from a phone number in the ad.

Combination Ads

By combining some of these methods, such as direct marketing letters/cards with a landing page on a website you can benefit from the advantages of both methods



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