Is Knowledge Power? No! Using It Is

We all know people who have a great deal of knowledge about a particular field.  They dominate any discussion in that area. They talk a great show but they don’t walk the talk.  They have the knowledge but are not using it. They’re just dreamers. Not doers.

Having a lot of knowledge about a topic that could, if used, make you a great deal of money is like having a top of the line Ferrari in your garage that you show off to your friends. You regale them with impressive 0 to 60 and 0 to 100 times and talk knowledgeably about the engine horsepower and torque. But you never drive it. Why don’t you drive it?  Why don’t you use your knowledge?

There are many reasons why people collect knowledge but do not use it.  They may be interested in a topic, e.g. real estate, and start to collect knowledge with the goal of becoming a real estate investor.  Th more knowledge they accumulate the more knowledge they feel they need to collect before they believe they can invest with confidence. This is analysis paralysis.  A very common disease.

Or they feel the time is not right. The economy is too shaky.  The real estate market is falling. And on and on. So they never do it.

I went through that in real estate.

When I started as a copywriter I was falling into the same trap.  I read all the books. Went to the seminars, Listened to webinars.  But didn’t attempt to sell my writing to any potential client.

But then I decided to just do it. And guess what? I sold some of my B2B writing for very good rates to a number of clients.  My B2B business is moving slowly but steadily upwards.  And why is that?  Because I started.

But there is an even more insidious reason why people don’t act on their knowledge.

They have created an image of the life style that will live when they start their business.  They have fallen in love with the dream.  Now dreaming is not a bad thing.  In fact most of the significant improvements in our lives have come as a result of someone having a dream and taking action to make it come through.

But many of those in love with their dream do not want to take action because they are concerned that their actions may not lead to their dream life.  This would shatter their dream.  So they continue to gather knowledge and embellish their dream.

Take action.  Your dream life style may not result but a different life style may emerge that is more satisfying.  You took action.  That took courage.  Your self esteem will soar and you will enjoy life even more than in your dream.

So dream on. But do take some action.  Don’t die with the dream still in you.

Til next time.

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