Writer’s Block – What a Crock

You may have used the term yourself when you got stuck writing something or just did not feel like doing it then.  Seems like a legitimate excuse. But it is an excuse and that’s all.

If you are writing the great American Novel you may run up against a wall.  You’ve written yourself into a corner.  You haven’t thought the plot through.  But that’s not writer’s block. That’s just poor planning.

Writer’s cramp is something else.  Back in the day when writers used pen/pencil and paper to write, you could indeed get writer’s cramp after many hours of holding that writing instrument tightly, particularly when the pencil was worn down to about an inch long (writers are frugal people).

When I worked in West Germany in the 1960s you could get a metal tube the size of a pencil into which you could slide the small pencil stub, clamp it and continue to write and sharpen it until there was nothing left.

But PCs have eliminated writer’s cramp and replaced it with carpal tunnel syndrome – a much more serious problem than simple writer’s cramp. But that’s progress.

In the B2B world of copywriting why should you get writer’s block?  There is no mystery about what you’re writing.  Your client has told you what to write about – some product or service the client wants to sell to a target audience.

Your job is to present the features/benefits of this product or service in such a way that the members of the target can’t wait to take the action you suggest in your “call to action.”

To do this you need to know a lot about the target audience. You can have the most hard hitting message but if you send it to the wrong audience it will fall on deaf ears or blind eyes.

If you can’t create a detailed picture of the members of the audience you are targeting  you will not be able to get inside their heads and speak the language that drives them to make buying decisions.

So, you’re probably not suffering from writer’s block but from audience fog.

Once you burn off your audience fog what you think is your writer’s block will disappear.



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