To Blog or not to Blog – that is the question

That’s the question that I kept asking for years.  I had no idea how a blog worked – how effective it could or could not be. Whether it was better than a news letter or not. Whether it would consume my entire day or not.  And naturally I made no attempt to find out by doing the one thing that would answer these questions – try one.

So that’s what I’m doing now -trying one.  Since I’m a copywriter – at least part-time planning to go full time as soon as this blog makes me rich and famous – I’ll be going on about copywriting stuff.  Dangerous ground,  considering the hordes of copywriters out there.  But nothing ventured – nothing gained.

Expect to hear from me about once a week to start with and possibly more often or less often depending on how this works out,  But don’t hold you breath.  I certainly am not holding mine.

Til next time.

Warmest Regards

Tom, the engineer who can write

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