Who are the Experts in Your Field? How Can You Tell?

You read the articles in your trade magazine and e-zine and note the names of the authors and ask yourself the following question.  Are these people the experts in the area covered by the article?

Sometimes they are but many times they are not.  You can’t tell unless you know their work and their history.

For instance was Peter Drucker the expert in managing companies?  He was the expert on writing about managing companies but he had never held a management position in a major company.  But he is still regarded  as the management expert.  Would you have hired him for a senior management position in your company based on his hands-on management experience.  Probably not.  Right?

So what’s stopping you from being regarded as one of the experts in your field assuming you are good at what you do?  Nothing but the fact that you’re unknown.  So how do you get known and position yourself as an expert?  You need exposure to your industrial peers.

How do you get that exposure?  One sure way is to write articles about your industry niche.  Or write letters to the editors of the trade magazines in your industry – preferably contrarian articles.  People like controversy.  But you must be able to support your position with facts or well reasoned arguments.

Many organizations in your industry need speakers for luncheons or other functions.  Offer yourself as a speaker on a topic that you know well but are not necessarily an expert that will be of interest to the organization.

Whether writing or speaking,  remember the 90/10 rule.  About 10% of your audience will know more than you.  But 90% will not and these are you target audience. These are the expert makers.

When you write an article or give a presentation make sure to post a brief announcement to your Linkedin and/or Facebook page with a link to your article or the transcript of your talk.

So get going!  Write and talk yourself into expert status.  That’s what most of the other experts have done.  So, why not you?  And you will find , as time goes by, you will join the ranks of experts in you industry.   And remember – fake it til you make is a legitimate and effective way of achieving your goal.

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