Is God a Good Copywriter?

Good copywriters can persuade or dissuade with a minimum number of short simple words and short paragraphs.  This does not mean short copy.  It means copy that is just long enough to do what the copywriter wants to do. This may be to sell you something or persuade you to contribute to some worthy cause.

On the internet there is additional pressure on the writer to attract and hold the reader on the page long enough to get him or her to act.  Internet surfers tend to skim until they find something that grabs their attention. The use of bullet lists helps to do this effectively.

Let’s see how God stacks up against other writers in his field today.

The Ten Commandments would probably be considered His most effective piece of copy. His intention was to write copy that would form a framework for productive and peaceful living conditions for most of the people on earth.  Being God, he anticipated the internet copywriting skimming constraints.

He came up with Ten short bullet points that fit above the fold and are the basis for the modern legal system in most countries on earth.  Our US legal copywriters have filled dozens of thick books with verbose copy that is almost impossible to understand let alone form the basis for a guide to live by.

If God were looking for a copywriting job today he’d be in such demand that he could write (pun – sorry) his own ticket.

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