How Your English Teacher and Corporate Boss Kill Good Copywriting

You’re probably thinking,”What’s he saying? My English teacher taught me how to write and my corporate boss critiques my business writing to improve it.”

It’s true, your English teacher did teach you how to write but not how to write marketing copy. And your corporate boss wants what you write to follow corporate editorial and content guidelines neither of which were designed to help you be a copywriter. Continue reading

Eat, Drink and Be Irish

It’s that time of year again.  St. Patrick’s Day, March 17,  is rapidly approaching. So, check your wardrobe.  The wearing of the Green is mandatory for any real Irish person or those who are issued a temporary pass for the day.  Wearing orange is a shooting offense. So, if all you have in your closet is orange, better hide under your bed until after March 17. Continue reading

Circuit Training for Your Marketing to Keep Your Business In Shape

You go to the gym to get and keep your body in shape because you know it’s good for your health and life expectancy.

You don’t simply use one machine every time you go.  That would only tone one part of your body and do nothing fro the rest of your body.  So, you might have great biceps but very weak legs and poor balance. No, you do circuit training or a variation of it.

So, why would you only use one or two marketing methods to keep your business healthy and help it grow? What methods can you use? Continue reading

How Many Copywriters Does it Take to Sell a Car?

You’re probably thinking, “What on earth is he talking about?”

Copywriters don’t sell cars. Car sales men sell cars.

Yes, car sales men ultimately sell the car to the customer. But how does the car go from being a chunk of iron ore, yards of fabric, gallons of paint, piles of electronic components, rubber tires, etc. to being a car? Continue reading